Before getting to the actual building and maintenance of the machine itself, you will be presented with a choice, one that will change everything. The first decision you need to […]

Having an aircraft and keeping it taken care of is just a part of the responsibilities an owner has, especially when it’s one of the ultralight category as these have […]

Owning any type of vehicle carries on a certain set of responsibilities and duties an owner has to take into consideration at all times, certain maintenance procedures must be undertaken […]

The world is a place filled with marvelous wonders and mysteries, one such wonders is the sky itself, a vast and seemingly infinite visage filled with vivid colors, a place […]

Hi, I’m Mike Moore, I’m 37 years old, from Doylestown, PA. I’m a certified electrician over 13 years and holding a helicopter pilot license over 4 years. In my house, […]